Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Christian News Irony

I find it ironic that Christian News, which has been pretty down on the Lutheran blogosphere, has been re-printing large portions of Lutheran blogs lately (including comments!) There must be 4 pages of Augsburg 1530 discussion printed in the latest issue of CN. There's also a reprint of a Father Hollywood blog post, and some other blog stuff, too, I think.

Which I find humorous, and telling.

See here and here for my previous comments on Christian News.


Jim Roemke said...

I also thought it humorous and pathetic. I think good ol' Herm is finding it difficult who to lambaste these days. So many confessional guys are so danged Roman looking in their worship. I'm sure he longs for the days of yore when Lutherans were Lutherans (whatever that may have meant!)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

This paper is already dismissed by new converts, who have gotten info from the Internet. It's too unreliable, with the mood swings and tangents that are all over. Not that the blogs don't have rants, but at least you can understand where everyone is coming from.

I'm starting to understand the critisism views of the "Roman" debate, or I should say understand that I don't agree with the issues. I thought it was about questioning power and Violet Vatican problems, but it's not always.

In other words, it's not worth even trying to figure CN out. It probably should just die out.

Bob Waters said...

You know the saying: Herman Otten wasn't born. He was photographically reproduced.