Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dubuque Church TLH Stunt

An unnamed Lutheran congregation (apparently ELCA) in Dubuque, Iowa, has what can only be described as a "stunt".

This is truly unbelievable. They are not only going to use the old "red hymnal", they are also going to dress like they did in the 1950's.

What saddens me most is the gross misunderstanding of grace by the author, reflected even in the title. As if grace means endorsing sin.... In fact, grace is meaningless without sin. When you take away all the sins... there is nothing left to forgive.

Let's not do as we feel Jesus would do. Let's read his word (in its entirity) and follow the whole counsel of God - regarding both sin AND grace.


Anonymous said...

The writer's argument is less against TLH and more against the culture that used it. He's participating in transference. What is forgotten is that TLH users were sinners also, and the pastor forgave their sins, too. You can't get more grace than that. :)


Luke said...

Just a tidbit of info that might help clarify....

The Service Book & Hymnal of 1958 was also red. It was used in the American Lutheran Church, as well as the Lutheran Church in America. One of he American Lutheran Church's seminaries, Wartburg, was located in Dubuque, Iowa. (It is now part of the ELCA's seminary system.) That is likely the "red hymnal" referred to in the news story, rather than the TLH.

Either way, what this congregation is doing would be problematic regardless of what hymnal is used. One can corrupt and abandon the Christian faith, even while using Elizabethan or modern English.