Thursday, December 06, 2007

Romeny on Lutherans

From his "big speech" on being a Mormon:

"I love... the confident independence of the Lutherans"

... interesting. Here's the full paragraph:

"I believe that every faith I have encountered draws its adherents closer to God. And in every faith I have come to know, there are features I wish were in my own: I love the profound ceremony of the Catholic Mass, the approachability of God in the prayers of the Evangelicals, the tenderness of spirit among the Pentecostals, the confident independence of the Lutherans, the ancient traditions of the Jews, unchanged through the ages, and the commitment to frequent prayer of the Muslims. As I travel across the country and see our towns and cities, I am always moved by the many houses of worship with their steeples, all pointing to heaven, reminding us of the source of life's blessings."

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Pastor Hovland said...

How do the Mormons contribute to the picture?