Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Suing God

You've probably seen the offbeat story of the week...

Nebraska State Senator Sues God Over Natural Disasters

Check out the senator with an apparent halo in this photo. (He's the one on the right).

What a buffet of bloggable buffoonery this is. The humorous reactions are almost limitless. My former neighbor, a lawyer, wrote:

Hmmm.....I wonder if anyone will answer on God's behalf or put in a notice of appearance for God? Now that could be interesting.....Maybe the pope or a local priest, pastor or rabbi? Maybe someone will answer and the rest will intervene in the lawsuit.....Maybe an atheist will file a motion to dismiss saying that God can't be sued because he doesn't exist. I wonder who he has served with the lawsuit...or if there will be substitute service on a priest, pastor, or rabbi, etc. As God's registered agent. This could be a good virtual lawsuit. I copied my friend Tom, who is a pastor in case he wants to intervene inthe lawsuit or accept service on behalf of God.

To which I responded with some smart aleck comments about what God must think of lawyers.

Some liberal judge will probably convict the Almighty and order punitive damages.

Don't they also list a defendant's various aliases in a legal proceeding? That list could get long... "A one Yahweh, aka, Elohim, aka, Jehovah, aka, El Shaddai, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Holy One of Israel"

Then we could bring in the Trinity. Which person is being sued? If one is sued, are all three sued?

I thought a bit deeper on this, and realized this isn't the first time the Lord has been on trial. I expect him to say even less this time.

I wonder if this story doesn't catch so much attention because it is such a reversal of truth. For in the "cosmic courtroom", we are on trial, God is the Judge, and our advocate (yes, Lawyer) is Jesus Christ. We'd certainly be convicted had he not reversed the verdict at the cross.


Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

I am awaiting the suit by the ACLU stating that if the courts allow this lawsuit to proceed it is a government endorsement of a religion via the acknowledgment of the deity.

I find it hilarious, and I believe God's response to Job is more than adequate towards this case.

solarblogger said...

That reminds me of a Holocaust story. A group of Auschwitz inmates decided to put God on trial on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. At the conclusion of His trial, the death camp inmates find God guilty.
But when this was over, they recited the Kaddish, a prayer that praises God and tells of His greatness.

Well, the tone of that story is quite different. But I had the same reaction when I heard it. This trial actually took place once. Only God's death sentence was delivered by those who did not know they had put Him on trial.