Monday, April 23, 2007

Yes, I'm still here...

After a busy Holy Week and Easter, I was in St. Louis for a week, and you know how the week after you get back is always a catch-up time.  So hopefully now things will settle down a bit.

Seems like the Lutheran Blogosphere has been quiet lately, witness the slender new Lutheran Carnival.  I wonder if people aren't recovering from Easter like I am, or maybe it's that the nice weather has finally come.  

I did get a chance to do some bike riding this weekend.  My daughter likes to ride in that caboose-thing behind my bike and go down big hills.  Only problem is, dad is out of shape, and a 5 year old creates additional drag going back up the hill!

Confirmation comes on Pentecost Sunday, with 10 young people participating in the rite.  This has been a good class, lots of good discussion, including one last week which started with "what's the difference between Lutherans and Baptists?" and ended up with paedo-communion.

This summer will be a typical one, with Pastor Poppe and I trading vacation weeks like crazy.  In July I go to Houston for the Synodical Convention.  I can only wonder what will happen this time.  Let's keep our synod in prayers!

Oh, and we're moving (just to the other side of town).  Somewhere near the end of July or in August we hope to have our new house ready. Somewhere before that we hope to have the old one sold.  

Then in November I am taking a small group from church on a trip to the Holy Land (not St. Louis...).  That should make for some interesting blogging.

Looking forward to call day this week, and finding out where some of our bloggers like St. James and Winters will be going.  Winters' blog comments mentioned the "Around the Tower" student newspaper (with a link posted).  First of all, too bad they never had anything like this when I was a student.  Second, it was some interesting reading.  Take a look.

And man, did you see what the ELCA pastor said (or rather, DIDN'T say) at the V-Tech memorial service?  HT to Necessary Roughness who pointed out a conservative (non-Lutheran) blog site taking the man to task for his squishy message.  McCain has some good comments on it too.


Timotheus Verinus said...

McCain has been hitting them out of the park lately on his blog site:

jWinters said...

You were in St. Louis and you didn't let me buy you a beer? For shame for shame....