Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Baby Pics

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Lynn of St. John's said...

What are the ladies at your church doing to be of help to your family ? Does someone in your congregation do the cradle roll ?
Does the LWML or the Stephans Ministry use the LC-MS Windows Ministry to provide anything for you and your wife ? I ask only because I've been out here in cyberspace floundering for 5 years now, for God only knows why now ? In the beginning, at a teachers conference at Concordia University Nebraska I was sitting in an auditorium with about 150 other preschool teachers and the guest speaker made an impression on me. Jesus says that He is the Truth and the Truth will set me free, and He has aloud me the freedom to advertise Windows Ministry. I guess I'm going to continue for one more year and at this time next year at the coming of Christ, if this fig tree ( Windows Ministry )isn't producing fruit by next Christmas, I believe it will be our Lord's will that I cut it down, so that it isn't an offence to Him, I'll do what He wants me to do. I'm very glad He has blessed you and your wife with a healthy new baby and that you'll be bringing your infant to Holy Baptism soon. Do you have other families in your congregation who have infants ?