Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Friday Night Lights" Prayer?

My wife said she caught the last few minutes of the new NBC show, "Friday Night Lights" (about high school football). Half-watching, she said it looked like the show portrayed the players huddling for prayer after a player was injured, and that the prayer concluded "in Jesus' Name".

Did anyone see this show? What did you think of it? Better yet, do you have a web link to more info? I did a quick google or two and came up short. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone got back to you on this, however, from what I can see with the show it is set in a southern area. The "bible belt" as it were. Anyway the opening of the show on 10/10 opened with them showing 2 different congregations asking God to heal the player who last week got hit bad and could be paralyzed. Hope this helps. You can go to nbc.com to see highlights of the show

Scott Scofield said...

Rev. Chryst;
Unfortunately - it appears to be another "teenage angst" production, in the genre of "90210," or whatever the zip code was. T.V. is a wasteland (seemingly). I can't stomach another series of teenagers running around worried about relationships and the "big" game on Friday night - invoking the name of God in some dust-blown Texas town. Not very cheritable, perhaps - but seriously, who produces this stuff?? Sorry; world-weary teenagers, adults that worry about the Friday game being played by teenagers, and a justification of all that by a "demonstrated" devotion to Jesus...it's all too much.
Of course, as always - I might be wrong!