Thursday, August 03, 2006


Not the Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck, but his sister-in-law, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. As co-host of ABC's "The View", she found herself out surrounded and outnumbered in a recent on-air debate about the "Plan B" abortion pill. Kudos to a rare media personality standing up for the unborn.

Foxnews story here:,2933,206873,00.html


OK, I found a link to the video here:

Barbara Walters and her pedantic "oh, we just have to learn how to discuss". I thought Elisabeth handled herself very well, and showed passion yet restraint. And while I do think that human life should not be trumped because it began with rape or incest, I still commend her for her stand.

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Lauren said...

I only wish this wasn't being labled and "explosion". She held her own quite well while being surrounded by people of the opposite "view".