Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Saints Day Stuff

While digging around for some information on All Saints' Day, I ran across this post from fellow Lutheran Blogger, Rev. Borghardt:

"Precious in the Lord's sight is the death of His Saints" (Ps. 116:15)
He mentions that the RC church declared John Paul II a martyr, which is, after all, kind of strange.

He also mentions some of the saints (martyrs) who are also remembered for how they died. Which got me to thinking....

Isn't there something a little morbid about the fascination with various methods of death for the martyrs? It almost reminds me of The Ghastlycrumb Tinies (which is morbidly funny - but means to be).

Then there's the whole "patron saint" thing, which to me, is just another permutation of poly-theism. Check out THIS ridiculous list. My answer to such nonsense is that I have only one patron - the LORD.

Call upon HIM in the day of trouble.... where did I read that... oh yeah...
Psalm 50:15

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