Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"The Law is but a Mirror Bright..."

One day, as part of my vicarage duties, I led a devotion at a local nursing home. About 30-40 residents were brought in each Wednesday to hear my short message, most of them in wheel chairs, many of them sleeping through the entire thing.

I was trying to make this point about how the law shows us our sin, and I had a mirror as an object lesson. As I looked into the mirror, I began to recite some of the things I saw that I didn’t like… the shape of my chin, a blemish on my face, or the color of my eyes.

And just when I thought not a word was getting through to my hearers, one patient cried out from the back row, “And your nose is too big, too!”

That’s the voice of the law. Telling us, without apology, what is wrong with each of us. Where we have sinned, or as Paul says, “Fallen short”. And just when we think we've seen it all, the law has "one more thing" to show us....

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Andrew said...

Nice post. It's true if we are honest with ourselves the voice of the law will never allow us to think we deserve grace because of what we do.