Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lutheran Carnival I

Lutheran Carnival I has been released.

Is "released" the right word? posted? published? invoked? unleashed?


RandomDan said...

Posted is the correct word

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I like Unleashed myself. :)

Preachrboy said...

uncorked, cracked open, loosed, posited, displayed, unveiled, revealed, issued, appears, aw... forget it.

Bob Waters said...

"Posted" so stable, so conservative, so unmovable.... so Lutheran.

"Here I am posted. I cannot do otherwise."

"Unleashed" is more of a schwaermer word. "Issued" sounds papistic. "Uncorked" would clearly be Anglican ("Wherever one finds four Episcopalians, one will always find a fifth"), whereas "cracked open" evokes the ELCA- whether the words are taken seperately or in combination.

"Revealed" has a Mormon flavor to it.