Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Lutheran Hymn

"Gathered In Your Name Most Holy"
Tune: Der am Kreuz (On My Heart Imprint Thy Image)

Gathered in your name most holy
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
You assemble us for worship
Granting what we need the most
Your true church is present where
Word and Sacrament we share
When your Word is spoken purely
You are present just as surely

When our sins we come confessing
Done and undone, thought, word, deed
You announce to us forgiveness
All our sins Your grace exceeds
In Your stead your servant stands
And absolves as you command
Absolution words assuring
Our forgiveness thus securing.

Lord your Law does strike our conscience
With its rod of righteous wrath
Showing us where we have wandered
Choosing sin and Hell's vile path
But your Gospel binds and heals
Our forgiveness ever seals
Jesus died for our salvation
Thus we sing in exaltation.

Born an heir of wicked nature
Adam's image, broken, torn
Christ gives us a different line'age
In the waters we're reborn
In God's family, now we share
Now the three-fold Name we bear
At the font we do inherit
Life forever by the Spirit.

As we gather at your altar
Bearing all our guilt and sin
We confess and know our weakness
Wretched, dark, and soiled within
Yet we come apart from fear
Knowing Jesus You are here -
Bread and wine are no mere token
For your words are clearly spoken.

More than food of earthly nature
Is the feast you here supply
Christ's own blood and His true body
Precious gifts from Heavn' on high
Let us hear, touch, taste and see
Grace is given here for free
You sustain us, feed and nourish
That your Church may ever flourish.

Bless us Lord, and smile upon us
Bless us, keep us in your grace
Bless us Lord, and lift upon us
Shining beams from your bright face
Bless us Lord and grant us peace
For your mercies never cease
Hear our thanks for what you've given
Here on earth and there in heaven.

© Thomas E. Chryst, 2005

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